Monday, September 2, 2013

17 wks

We're still throwing up around these parts. No second trimester honeymoon around here.

What we do have is a baby bump so noticeable that I finally had to admit that the shorts I've been holding up with a rubber band these past few weeks of summer have reached their breaking point. It's maternity-wear time! Or at least it would have been, had the Old Navy I went to specifically for the purposes of purchasing such wear actually been the kind of Old Navy that carries it.

Sadly it was not, and so I ended up with one stretchy skirt, one really big tank top and a dehydration headache.

But my sister did buy the baby the most adorable little fiesta romper you EVER did see (which we will return should this baby end up being a boy...)

In other news, when my Zofran is working well enough to keep me from barfing, I have been craving chocolate pudding and Cheetos. Not necessarily together, but in very close proximity, and that's fun.


  1. Go for the full-panel maternity pants. Just do it. They look crazy but they feel like magic.

  2. I'm scared of them, but I think I will soon take the plunge!

  3. So sorry the 2nd tri isn't the Promised Land. also sorry to hear about the cheetos and choc pudding...ewww.

    1. Don't knock 'em till you've tried 'em! :)

  4. We need another angle on the fiesta romper to show off the ruffly bottoms!!