Sunday, September 29, 2013

21 wks 1 day

And now we wait.

All the things have happened. We've heard baby's heartbeat, seen her on several ultrasounds, confirmed she's a girl (and that she has two kidneys, four heart chambers, and one button nose.) So now there's not much to do but sit around rubbing our bellies, counting down the days 'til Feb 8th.

That's like 135 days from now, people!

What am I supposed to do until then? Enjoy my last few months of carefree childlessness with my dear husband and dog? Catch up on all the sleep I'll miss in the next two years? Read all the novels and see all the movies in the theaters? Travel the big old world?

Pshaw. I've already done all those things. I've been doing those kinds of things for the past 31 and a half years. Meeting my own little baby is the one thing I've never done, and this week I'm impatient.

I'll probably eat those words. In five months or so when baby is squalling and I haven't slept in days and the house is filthy and the diapers keep multiplying, I'm sure I'll look back on this blog post and laugh in some bitter way. But for right now, when the house is still, and the dog is snoozing, and Jared is peacefully working in the next room and I've got nothing but time, it's hard not to imagine her sweet little round head and her pink little toes and think, I wish she was here with us already, doing whatever imaginary babies do.

To that end I've been impatiently working on the nursery. And by "working" I mean mostly toggling back and forth between Pinterest and the Ikea website, and by "nursery" I mean that 8' x 6' rectangle of space at the foot of our bed that better be big enough because it's all we got.

Last night I got so restless I actually downloaded some free room design app thing and plugged in all the measurements and fiddled with placement of our imaginary crib and dresser/changing table and homemade glider and low, open shelving unit, and, it will be tight, but it looks like it all might just about work.

But it will be months before we have a reason to actually buy any of those things, so for now it's all pretend and I may as well go pet my snoozing dog and then go for a walk in the sunshine or something.

Baby and her nursery and her squalling and her diapers will be here before I know it, I'm pretty sure.

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