Wednesday, October 23, 2013

24 wks 4 days

I hadn't really knit a thing in years. Hadn't even thought about knitting. But when I went up to Big Bear with my family for those few days recently, and it was cold outside, and inside there was a fireplace and cabin-style furniture and my mom was sitting on the couch making the baby homemade burp cloths, suddenly knitting seemed like the coziest, most maternal thing I could possibly do with myself.

So when I got back to LA I got some little needles and a ball of yarn from Michael Levine and tried to think of something to make. I started a couple things, but nothing was right. I can't do sweaters and stuff, not yet anyway, they're too intimidating. I didn't want to make a little bunny, since I already plan to sew her one out of felt. A scarf would be easy, but I'm pretty sure babies don't wear scarves. Other people will be making me blankets. Then I had it, the most darling twee thing for a little baby girl, the sort of thing she will roll her eyes at later, the sort of thing I'll have to be careful about posting on Facebook, least I ruin my cool girl image (kidding, kidding)...

A baby bonnet!

So I searched "free knit bonnet pattern," queued up a movie on Netflix, and by the end of the evening I had made this:

And would you look at that! The most bonnety of bonnets. Super easy but looks complicated, just how I like things. I have no idea if it will fit her little head or not, but I am pleased. Maternal and pleased.


  1. So cute!! Are you on Ravelry? There are so many cute (and free) knitting patterns available there!

  2. Bonnety in the extreme! So looking forward to seeing her in this.