Friday, November 29, 2013

29 wks 6 days

You'd think maybe that lying in bed all day would having me writing, at least to pass the long slow hours, but in fact for me inactivity just sort of feeds on itself. And as my muscles shrink and my circulation slows and my bones start to move out of alignment, my brain seems to be withering as well. Or at least my motivation to use that brain.

Plus it's really hard to type lying down, despite what some writers might have you believe.

But I just wanted to pop in and say two things:

One, I have an amazing network of family and friends who have been gradually teaching me that it's ok to need and to accept help.

Two, today I saw a (photoshopped) picture of a python that had supposedly swallowed a drunken man whole, and it so vividly illustrated how I am feeling this week that I somehow felt I had to share that image here.

Pregnancy. It's seriously the weirdest.

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