Wednesday, December 25, 2013

33 wks 4 days

The nesting impulse, when you are confined to your bed, can be crazy-making. Especially when the particular nursery/nest you'd like to feather is literally the space at the end of that bed.

We had made excellent progress last month when Jared's mom, aunt and cousin all flew in from Florida and did the heavy work of going to Ikea and buying a good portion of our baby furniture (!) and then assembling it (!) for us. That was thrilling. Then things stalled out for a while as Jared got busy with his end of semester workload and I just sort of lay here, gazing at the half-finished space, gazing at Pinterest inspiration nurseries, trying not to have a preterm baby.

But after our hospital scare and about a dozen nurses assuring me that this baby will come sooner than we'll be ready for her, we decided to get serious about finishing her little room at the foot of our bed. We called upon my sister and brother in law who trooped back to Ikea for the rest of our gear (gifted by them and by my mother). Then Jared sweetly assembled the last of it and patiently tweaked chair and rug positions while I lay propped on pillows, gently directing.

The next day I couldn't help but jump up a few times to do a couple little things like set up the new Expedit bookshelf with toys and books, and organize the insides of the dresser/changing table with her tiny onesies and sleepers, and yes I paid for it in a crazy spell of contractions that wrapped all around my back, and yes I got a talking to, but meanwhile now we have this nearly completed space for our little unnamed baby and I swear my bedrest just got a hundred times happier. Look what I get to gaze at now!

I still need to finish setting up the changing table and I've got to get/make some art for the walls, but for now I am so pleased. It looks like a real live baby could sleep and nurse and pull books from that low shelf there.

I only hope the excitement I feel over an almost finished nursery doesn't send some sort of "join the party" signal to this baby. She's still got six more weeks if she knows what's good for her. For now this view is just for me.

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