Thursday, January 2, 2014

34 wks 5 days

Today I saw a substitute doctor (because my OB is in Paris) for a quick check up. I gave him the twitter-sized summary of my pregnancy to date, he did his little exam, and, as he snapped off his gloves, said, "I'd say you've got about two more weeks."

Which, seeing how things have gone thus far, I'd say puts me at having a baby either this weekend, or a month and a half from now.

But just in case it really is two weeks or less, here is the actual To Do Before Baby list that I scribbled onto a pad of paper the other night after getting up to pee for the fourth time:

Groom Loki
Have rugs and sofa cleaned
Put a towel in car (in case water breaks en route!)
Wash windowsills
Write thank you cards
Make bassinet bumper
Hem curtains in nursery
Find pediatrician
Finish knitting bear
Write birth plan
Learn how to give birth
Learn how to take care of baby

Some of these things may just never happen. The curtains in the nursery may go forever unhemmed. I may stare at them while nursing my baby each night and curse their awkward length, but what can I do? Unless I can cart my 30 lb sewing machine into my bed sometime in the next few days, I'm thinking that's their fate. Sad I know.

Presumably I will get it together enough to write a bullet-pointed birth plan and hire a pediatrician and write some thank yous for the love of all that is good and holy, but that bassinet bumper that has been tormenting me since October? Do you think they will still let me bring home my baby if it remains unmade?

But craft projects and cleaning logistics aside, the idea that I might have an actual baby in the next few weeks? What am I supposed to do with that? Wrap my head around it?

I am pretty sure there is no to do list long enough and complex enough to get me to come to actual terms with this idea.

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  1. Depends. Toss away your dignity and get a pack of Depends. If your water breaks in the car, Great! You can waddle all around home and hospital dry and snug. will love those Depends. My free doula tip of the week.